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Bolt is an Estonian transportation platform company founded and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The company's services range from ride-hailing to micromobility and food delivery. As of December 2019, Bolt operates in over 150 cities in 35 countries across Europe, Africa, North Africa, West Asia and North America. The company has 30 million customers globally and more than 1 million drivers use the platform to offer rides.

A former employee shares some thoughts abput working for Bolt: ¨Long hours . Unreliable pay . Can be dangerous if one works night shift . The job was okay but I could not take it anymore . The market is flooded so there are hardly work for the drivers (me) ."


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Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Bolt has a very set foundation when it comes to their values but THEY are not followed in salt lake. The managers in the sales org are toxic and have unrealistic goals. They don't reward top performers, they promote the people that fake everything. They do not appreciate you and will never treat you as a priority. This is one of those startups that's built to fail. It was good at it's terrible. STAY AWAY from the BDR team"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for the feedback - we wish you had a more pleasant experience at Bolt. We'd love to address a few of your comments here. Building a company from the ground up is really, really hard and we strive to do what's best for both our employees and customers. We've gotten exceptional feedback from our customers that are live on our platform that their checkout conversion rates have gone up tremendously, which has in turn given them more in revenue. We have several people in the company coming from E-Commerce backgrounds that have years of experience in the space which is why we are constantly hearing positive feedback from our merchants and investor base. We are very excited to see what our Bolters do during our next phase of growth. Should you want to discuss any feedback further, please email us at"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for the feedback - we wish you had a more pleasant experience at Bolt. We'd love to address a few of your comments here. We pride ourselves on hiring the best of the best and feel we have an extremely strong leadership team that we have just hired over the course of the last 6 months. Leaders from companies such as Box, Uber, SoFi, Facebook, Google, Square, Braintree, Zuora and PayPal. This was a strategic move for us and we have full faith in their abilities to take Bolt far into the future. Due to the excellent Leaders we've been able to attract, we've seen some of the best people wanting to join our organization holistically. We've put in place amazing benefits to retain top talent and continue to see industry best individuals work at Bolt. Should you want to discuss any feedback further, please email us at"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Ryan from Bolt here. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. We take feedback very seriously here at Bolt. We realized this year that our customer demand and product market fit was something that most organizations can only dream of. We grew very fast from 30 to 150+ employees, tripled our revenue, and doubled our customer base. Because of these outstanding metrics, we’ve managed to attract top Leadership and Executives from companies such as Box, Uber, SoFi, Facebook, Google, Square, Braintree, and PayPal over the last few months. We could not be more excited about and confident in our Executive Team to take us through our next phase(s) of growth. For further feedback, we encourage you to speak directly with me, your manager, and/or People Ops (in either SLC or SF) about the issues you are seeing so we can get ahead of them. We have created an environment of writing over talking so that the loudest voice in the room does not win."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Lack of diversity in leadership, opportunity seems to be based on the color of your skin. They only started to realize that they lack diversity after all the protests, much like other companies. But they are only hiring colored people in lower level positions."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"-elitist and judgmental -The company is very young. The people are smart, but there's a huge lack of life and career experience -Not sure if they still do it, but when I was there they would post an announcement in slack every time a person was termed, to publicly announce why that person wasn't good enough and is no longer there, and to remind everyone of what they shouldn't do (felt like bullying) -They emphasize hiring for culture, but fail to recognize that diversity exists beyond people looking differently or coming from a variety of demographics, but actually encompasses the ability to think differently too. They are at risk of hiring a bunch of people who all think the same way, which sadly kills diversity."

Uber/ Taxify Driver (Former Employee) says

"Long hours . Unreliable pay . Can be dangerous if one works night shift . The job was okay but I could not take it anymore . The market is flooded so there are hardly work for the drivers (me) ."

Bolt Driver (Current Employee) says

"The job didn’t require much, it just wanted you to know how to drive that’s all. There’s no protection for drivers on the roads. And the salary was not a stable salary for the drivers and we were required to come with an amount the owner wantsIt’s a relaxed jobs, free to do anythingThe salary wasn’t good"

Customer service specialist (Current Employee) says

"Assisting riders with over charges, GPS issues, app technical issues, lost items, complaints, complements, escalations, refunds, call backs through emails."

Bolt Driver (Former Employee) says

"This would be only a means if you liked driving and had nothing better to do since it is not very reliable and they don't seem to really care about the driversNew oppurtunitiesLong hours"

Taxify (Former Employee) says

"Not having enough money to buy food during the day if it wasn't profitable. But I learned to work extra hard and make sacrifices. The management was pretty tough knowing they wanted their share of the profit regardless of how much profit you made. Hardest part was working late hours with not much sleep. Exploring new places and meeting different people everyday was enjoyable."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Operating in a highly competitive and fast-developing industry as ride-hailing, you never know what might happen in a month, week, or even a day. All this requires very quick adjustment and resilience from the team. Yes, it is not always possible to leave work at 5 pm, but on the other hand, Bolt team members are given a lot of freedom. We trust people to get things done, be it by working 4h per day or sometimes going the extra mile and staying in office for a 12h marathon – whatever works for the person and the teams surrounding them. If you work hard, you play hard. There’s an opportunity to do a restart to your brain from time to time."

Flavia Munteanu says

"Unprofessional handling and rude driver. I lost an emotionally valuable item and the driver, who was 5 mins away, refused to meet me and give it to me. He also pretended it wasn’t there in the beginning and I insisted he should look for it. Furthermore upon calling Bolt customer support I was told he could bring it to their office on Monday, but apparently his car broke and he was off until Thursdays(conflicting narratives). I’m told he dropped it off at Croydon police station which is at the other end of London for me. He also hung up on me during our phone call and customer support didn’t do anything about the situation. Will not be using again."

Baller Sef says

"I honestly can’t express how much I hate this app . Seriously !! Only app where you get your money taken and not get refunded Can app contact me cos I am really pissed off Seriously"

Ozge Ozturk says

"I called a bolt and it was updating saying the driver is 1 minute away. So I called the driver to check how far away he was, he answered the call and spoke in a very rude manner. He then confirmed he will be at the pick up location in 1 minute. 1 minute later he cancelled the trip and I had been waiting for 7 min at that point! This was extremely frustrating and not ideal in an emergency! I tried to go into my Bolt account and make a complaint and check mt trip history but it doesn’t even appear on there. Seems like Bolt avoids receiving complaints and being contacted by customers. Will not be using it again."

leonard d says

"Worst company Costumer support worst Never again"

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